Claim of the Month: could it happen to you?

Customer tripped on an uneven pavement crack

Tuesday, June 11, 2019


Claim of the Month: Could It happen to you?

A Quick note from the executive director:

"Even though this scenario involves a used car lot, automotive service facilities have the same risks with customers on and about their property. Please review this information and assess your property. Need additional insight or support, contact your local Federated representation." -Sheri Hamilton

June claim of the month:

A customer tripped on an uneven pavement crack while looking at vehicles to purchase. The ground had raised an inch and a half from one side of the crack to the other. The customer suffered shoulder injuries and a concussion.

CLAIM AMOUNT: $225,000

In an auto lot, customers’ eyes are rarely on the ground in front of them. They’re usually on the vehicles for sale — right where you want them to be. While that should be a good thing for your business, it can cause some major problems. As a result, you’ve got to be sure your property is well-kept to avoid potentially dangerous situations.

  • Inspect your lot for cracks and potholes. Make this task a regular task and document it.
  • Consider moving your vehicles periodically. Hazardous conditions can be obscured by vehicles.
  • If you find a hazard, draw attention to it with a traffic cone or sign to help customers avoid it. Then, remedy it as soon as possible.
  • In cold-weather states, where the ground freezes and thaws regularly, pavement damage can happen quickly. So, be extra vigilant and inspect your property frequently.

Pavement is strong, but it is no match for natural forces, so examine your lot often to help keep everyone on their feet.


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