President's Message: Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

By: Tim Davison

Thursday, October 24, 2019

As I write my first president message, I struggle as it is not as easy for me as I wish it was.  I remember thinking in school, “I don’t need to learn things like typing” I plan on fixing cars for my career!  And I did fix a couple cars - without the need of a keyboard.  So, all I ask is to work with me on this. I promise I will work on my audience engagement and come up with some quality content. Just remember, following Jerry Holcom I really have my work cut out for me! 

I will start with this question. What is my why?  Why did I get involved in this organization? Why or how did I arrive at the top position?  (the top as in right under Sheri H...)  Allow me to bore you with some insight.  Because one time many years ago, I questioned what am I doing wrong? How can others do what looks to be very easy and I cannot?  I did not know.... what I did not know. Make sense?  I started to learn how to be a businessman, and not just an auto tech.  That is where MWACA (and the former ASA Midwest) motivated me and made me move out of my comfort zone to learn and grow. I still do not know it all (Laura -my wife will confirm this) I continue to take training and learn. But I also feel the urge to give back and be involved. That, my friends, is how I became President of MWACA. 

As your new President, it is my goal to continue the growth of our membership, and expand benefits like health insurance options, our new Drive Your KPI program, as well as our newly overhauled Shop Owner Support groups and mentoring program. And, I am excited to say that we have many more programs and benefits that we are working on.  If you are struggling with an issue that you feel you could use the support of your MWACA membership, please feel free to mention it to a chapter officer or myself. We are always on the lookout for industry leading membership benefits.  

In September each year, the officers of MWACA hold a leadership summit to review what is working, and how we can better serve our members. I am proud to say that your MWACA leadership, both on the executive and chapter levels, are very committed, forward thinking individuals who are passionate about their industry and this organization. This year’s Leadership Summit, like the ones before, was a very rewarding experience. Even though each of us gave up our weekend, we worked together to make a difference in our industry and for our members. Let’s just say, it is the most fun working for free you can have.  I challenge you to connect with your local MWACA leaders, as well as our executive board and MWACA staff, to learn more about the organization and find out how you can take a bigger part in the future of MWACA, whether it be on a local or regional level. 

Tim Davison, AMAM

President of MWACA
Owner of Chumbley's Auto Care


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