President's Message: "What If" Preparation Made a Difference for One of My Employees

By: Tim Davison

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

A while back my friend Joe Sevart developed a class called "What If" about being prepared for that unforeseen scenario. After attending the class, I took away many "To-Do List" items, some of which I am still working on. Most are personal things that need to be in line for the what-if scenario. The rest is business-related, but all have to do with being prepared.

Well, last April, on a beautiful Iowa Saturday afternoon, it happened. My lead tech of 15 years had an accident with his dirt bike and the news was not good. He suffered a leg fracture that was going to put him off work for several months. 

Your employees are like family. You take care of your family. After Joe's class, the to-do list included the “what if” one of my staff was out of work for more time than they had vacation available? With that thought, I acquired short term disability insurance as an added benefit for my employees. This would provide them the peace of mind and income should they be injured and not able to work for a few months. 

Thank you to Joe for reminding me! I was relieved that I took time to explore and put this new benefit in place that provided income to my injured employee to help pay bills until he was able to return to work. How would your employees handle the financial impact should they experience an off-the-job injury? I sure hope you can create the same outcome where employees can focus on recovering without the financial worry. Your employees and their families are worth it.

Tim Davison, AMAM

President of MWACA
Owner of Chumbley's Auto Care


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