Apprenticeship Program

Needing a technician within the next 2 years?

How do we solve the problem of finding and growing our own technicians when our industry is competing directly with all technology companies which usually have great benefits, low barriers of entry and better working conditions?

MWACA is excited to partner with Advance Professional's premiere training organization Carquest Technical Institute and Worldpac Training Institute (CTI-WTI) along with S/P2 as we roll out a pilot program designed to put into action the training and mentoring assets provided by S/P2 and CTI-WTI. The pilot will take place in the Kansas City metro area and will provide participating shops with online and classroom/hands-on training designed to establish competencies and mastery of skill for entry level technicians allowing them to become productive members of your team.

This exciting new program puts into action a model of education that allows each member to control their own destiny.

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