Mentor Program

Is Your Business Still Making a Profit?

The economy has been tough for many businesses, including the auto repair industry. Many of us have seen sales volume not only stop growing, but also decrease the last couple of years. Do you have vendors that you owe 60 to 90 days out? Very likely, if your business was making a small profit before, it is not making any profit now. These are signs that we need to ask for a little help.

How many of you wake up an hour earlier than the alarm just because you are excited to go to your business and get started on the day?

All business owners need someone they can communicate with about how things are going in their business. Even if it is just to vent. But better yet, we all need a coach or a mentor to help us pick ourselves back up and make a profit again.

MWACA has a mentor program (free of charge) that can help you in your business, with several mentors that are available to help you kick-start your business.

We all know about having a parts inventory and how to make a profit on each part we sell. The area that we fail more often than not is our labor inventory. Making sure that we are keeping each technician busy and producing “sold” hours throughout the day. Keep it as simple as possible to get your business back to making a profit. It is time to set clear expectations for each employee and hold him or her accountable (including yourself).

The goal of the MWACA mentor program is to help you get your business to the next level. If you are interested in the MWACA mentor program, contact Sheri Hamilton at the office at (816) 413-9800. This is a confidential program between you and your mentor.

There are many more detailed coaching programs that are available for you to take your business to the next level like: Bottomline Impact Groups, DRIVE, Shop Fix Academy, ATI, Elite’s Pro Service Coaching Groups, and more. All are excellent! Your business needs to make a profit first to be able to get started.

Contact us at to request to connect with one of our mentors.